FAQ Ace Town and Country

15 years and 5 months old is the minimum age to begin driver's education courses. The State of Ohio Dept. of Public Safety gives all driving schools 6 months to complete a student’s drivers ed. before a refund is required. Ace Town & Country averages about 1½ -2 months to complete a student.

We do recommend that every student has 20-25 hours of experience behind the wheel BEFORE they do their in-car drives. This allows the student and the instructor to explore different environments and heavier traffic situations.

Yes, you can start any day and No, the classes do not need to be taken in numerical order. The classes are on a rotating schedule. There are 8 different classes. Each student is given a schedule of the upcoming classes and it is up to them when they attend. Just keep track of the classes you have and the classes you need and attend them when you’re available.

A student can attend all 8 classes with just $100 down, no in car driving is scheduled until fee is paid in full. In car drives are generally scheduled out about a month on average

Classroom Students can pay cash, check, or credit when signing up for their 1st Class session. Online Students can call (740)362-2320 to reserve In-Car times. A $100 deposit is required to reserve In-Car sessions.

All New! Now you can pay online using PayPal. Simply click here to go to our pricing page.

Please visit our Pricing Page to understand our fee structure. You can find it here.

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